BSL DAO to provide SLP funds as liquidity to Banksocial Exchange

PREACH​:clap:t2::clap:t2: Thanks for responding to those ridiculous comments

This is how I see it in the simplest way.

Let’s say people vote no.

Okay we remain solely focused on lending and continue on as we already are

We vote yes

We still have lending and those profits AND we only add another source of revenue and with very minimal risk.

Comparing the two.

Lending, especially in crypto, I see as high risk, low reward utility.

Using the SLP (especially a small portion) for an exchange that is partnered and only going to continue partnering with credit unions, as a very minimal risk and very high reward play for everyone.

I have an extremely high risk tolerance myself, but when it comes to trading and investing this just makes too much sense.

The best part, we can still lend if the DAO approves a loan! This is all in addition to our lending. It’s a win for everyone.


Looks great, I’m 100% for it!


Any volume expectations or projections aside, I think utilizing a small % of our SLP to establish ourselves as the preferred liquidity provider of an exchange that has the potential of upside growth is worth it in itself.