Fair Migration of Future BSL Token

This proposal is trash and goes against everything BSL has always stood for.


This is not a good proposal.
BSL has been around for almost 3 years. We have been watching the prices equalize between the 2 previous chains time and time again. They always even out because investors are smart and can buy and sell on the chain they want.
1BSL-1BSL on any chain.
Hedera is up now and there is a flurry of activity because it is new investors coming on board.
In the next few weeks, you will see it equalize.
Don’t be so short-sighted, we need many chains for BankSocial to reach the world.
Which ones are they? NOT just ETH and HBAR.
We got away from anything to do with Binance because of the problems that were brewing there.
We can’t be associated with illegal crap.
This proposal is DEAD.


Yes this proposal is dead on arrival because this project was sold as 1 BSL (eth) = 1 BSL (bsc) by the president and others. If that is changed there will be lawsuits.


Wer’e all in this together.
I dont hold any thing on the ETH side, but they should get 1:1


Ridiculous proposal. Migration should be 1:1. PERIOD. Or there will be lawsuits.

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LOL. Lawsuits are like Fight Club. People that file lawsuits, don’t talk about filing lawsuits. They just do it. Stop bluffing.

In either case, let’s get this migration going. The incorrect data across CoinGecko, CMC, and other data aggregators is hurting the adoption and growth of the company.

And figure out how to get these BSC/BSL tokens out of my wallet please. It’s messing up my tax software because the BSC/BSL migration was not announced, forcing people to import their wallet instead of transferring tokens. So, let’s not do that with the ETH side too. Just saying.

Ok thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: