Migrate BNB to Hedera

Hedera is superior. I support Hedera.

Is it safe to say that if you have $BSL as an ERC-20 in your Bank Social Wallet/app that eventually post- $BSL / BNB to Hedera migration there will be plans to migrate those ETH tokens?

“We would keep the ability to mint more so that if we ever wanted to move the ETH chain tokens over in the future, we could mint another 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) tokens for the ETH side to migrate. Right now this temperature check only contemplates migrating BNB tokens to Hedera and not ETH tokens, but it does so in a way that keeps an upgrade of ETH tokens possible as well”

I know it has been talked about several times. I think right now the plan is to keep ETH and possibly look and vote on it to move in the future. Some folks want to keep ETH as it brings exposure to Banksocial to ETH folks and some folks want to move all to Hedera (there are a lot of pros to that as well). Time will tell but no plans as of yet and it would have to go to vote. Cheers!

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soon. :smirk:

This is a great move!

There is a now a proposal to move the eth bsl to the hedera chain!

I am all for migration from ETH to hedera as long as it is a 1:1 migration.
When we gather it all on one chain it might bee easier for newcomers to understand what to choose. Two chains can be confusing.

OBS: wrong post. But meaning remains

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