Migrate ETH BSL to Hedera

Hederas fixed fee model tied to usd makes the most sense for BSL! Average fee cost per transaction is .0001 cents usd!

Comparing volume and price with those on the Hedera blockchain two days after lunch is not fair. Also, I agree with people saying that those should have little relevance when discussing the migration. What about a cross-chain bridge, instead? Perhaps with fees reinjected into the pools’ liquidity?

its been more than two days, eth bsl 24 hr volume the last 3 days has been 3k lol.

Yeah, sorry about that! I posted my message more than a week ago, but the forum engine blocked it until yesterday. :sweat_smile:

I am still in the camp of those reluctant to leave the Eth blockchain, mainly because the vast majority of other chains are interoperable with Ethereum, so being a native Eth token boosts interoperability for BSL. However, if both chains are preserved, I believe there needs to be a bridge to easily move tokens from Ethereum to Hedera and vice versa. That would (1) level the value of the tokens in the two chains through arbitraging, which would (2) generate more fees that can be either redistributed or allocated to the pools’ liquidity.

@PresidentHODL said once eth is migrated to hedera as well, that we could create a wrapped eth token for bsl to access the liquidity on the eth side. Also banksocial now runs everything on hedera and the staking will be done through hedera so it will make that process a lot easier too.


I think everyone is pretty much good with this solution. Migrate ETH to Hedera and bridge back to ETH. @PresidentHODL - can we put to vote??