Migrate ETH to Hedera

Lets do it. Get it to vote!


@PresidentHODL - Is there any reason this has not gone to vote yet. I understand that our current voting site might not support Hedera chain so probably for this vote we need to have two voting sites. One like Dovu uses - https://gov.dovu.earth/ - which I believe is a hedera product and the current one. Then we will need to migrate to the hedera voting once ETH is migrated over. I thought you said a while back that ETH migration would only take a few weeks back in September if we decided to do it after Hedera. Know your team is busy but dropping the ball here and I think people are losing interest in the DAO because the wishes of the DAO are not being carried out promptly nor are responses to people’s questions. Just some feedback. Cheers.


no balls dropped. snapshot was ready to go right before merge and shut down adding new chains last minute. Anyone in the community can build a voting mechanism - we have tried to find a Hedera based one, and have started a fork and creating our own version. IF you know where we can find this in open source that would be lots faster…


Found it - working on it now - we should be able to at minimum spin up a voting portal for HTS and utilize the snapshot voting until such time that ETH migrates - or we alter the HTS code to accept ETH voting. Will have an update on socials tomorrow.


Brilliant. Thank you. Cheers!

Been almost two weeks and haven’t seen anything?


Funny - we just got the voting site complete and up on testnet today! Be on the lookout for a social media post with more details. IMMINENT.


Great news, thank you. Will look for it and looking forward to voting on some of things that are queued up. Cheers Mate.

Didn’t this already pass? When will the migration happen?

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