BankSocial Staking Proposal

There will be a 4-month minimum stake period for a staker to receive their full yield. You are able to remove your staked tokens at any time during the staking period. Your tokens will remain in the staking pool until you choose to unstake. Staking into the pool will give you your percentage of the pool earnings relative to the total amount of tokens staked into the pool.

All staking accrues daily. Any earnings through BSL DAO LLC SLP will be distributed by the 5th of each month to the people who have staked their tokens. The staking will be paid out in a stable coin (Rivia - Rusd). All bonuses will be paid out in BankSocial ($BSL), respective of which chain (BSC or ETH) the user staked with. The user will pay all gas fees estimated at the time of unstaking and receiving their distributions. BSL token bonuses are an added incentive to continue staking and added automatically to your stake. There are 3 staking periods available: 4 months, 8 months, and 12 months.

Vesting Schedule Example

Monthly $100 earnings example would take 4 full months to vest

4 month staking terms:

Month 1: 50%
Month 2: 50%
Month 3: 50%
Month 4: 100%, + Remaining percentages from months 1-3.

8 month term:

Month 5: 60%
Month 6: 60%
Month 7: 60%
Month 8: 100%, + Remaining percentages from months 5-8

  • Months 1-4 Are the same payout as the 4 month term above.

12 month term:

Month 9: 75%
Month 10: 75%
Month 11: 75%
Month 12: 100%, + Remaining percentages from months 9-11

  • Months 1-8 Follow the 4 and 8 month staking terms above.

If you leave the stake pool after payment, but before your vest is complete the next month, you don’t get the full vest for that month. Every month the vest is started with the next payment - you must keep your tokens in the stake pool to continue receiving distributions. After the staking term expires, the vesting schedule starts from zero again.

BSL Bonus

For BSL bonus payouts, assuming a 12 month staking period and 100 USD in monthly earnings:

Months 1-4: 10%, so 10 USD worth of BSL each month
Months 5-8: 12.5%, so 12.5 USD worth of BSL
Months 9-12: 15%, so 15 USD worth of BSL

BSL bonus tokens are approved at the end of every month you keep your tokens staked in the pool. Fivancial will purchase the respective amount of BSL tokens at whatever the current market rate is at the end of every month from a decentralized exchange (Uniswap or Pancake Swap), thus helping the volume, price of the token, and growth of the SLP, all at once.

Unlike the “normal” distributions, bonus payouts can only be claimed at the end of the complete term the staker selected. Keep in mind that the 4% token economics apply when Fivancial purchases BSL tokens on the open market, so the bonus that the staker receives will be less. However, when Fivancial transfers the bonus tokens to an individual’s wallet, those wallets will be whitelisted (excluded from the 4% token economics), thus the tokens are only “taxed’’ once. This is a great way for us to grow the SLP.

The community has two options to vote and decide on:

  1. If you choose a 4 month stake period, and you unstake early, you forfeit all BSL bonus tokens. If you select a 8 month stake you receive your 1st 4 month term BSL bonus, but forfeit the month 5-8 bonus, and same with the 12 month stake period. If you unstake during months 9-12, you still receive the first two terms (months 1-8), but not months 9-12.
  2. If you don’t complete the staking term you selected when you staked your tokens and unstake early, you are not eligible for ANY BSL bonus tokens, regardless of if you staked for an entire 4-month period.

The community also needs to vote and decide on what happens to any forfeited BSL tokens:

  1. Fivancial will distribute all tokens equally on the 1st of the month to all those currently staking tokens in the pool.
  2. Fivancial will deposit all forfeited tokens into the SLP, thus growing the SLP.

KYC is not required to stake/unstake your tokens. To receive your distribution you must KYC, however.

BankSocial, a division of Fivancial, makes no representations or promises of a return on investment for anyone staking.

EDIT 10/10/2022

*percentages can change but this gives an easy-to-understand concept.

For simpler staking terms, 30 days initial term, accrues daily, and paid out within 5 days of the following month, or paid out quarterly.

Add in the disclaimer that gas fees are subject to change with market movement and are the responsibility of the staker. The tokens stay staked in the pool until the person selects “unstake”.

  • Receive 95% distro in rUSD, 5% goes to SLP
  • Receive 95% distro in BSL, 5% goes to SLP in rUSD (Staker would be subject to gas fees on transfer)
  • Receive 90% distro in rUSD, 10% distro in BSL after staking full 30 day term. Of the 90% in rUSD, 5% goes towards SLP

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This is amazing. Great job guys and thank you for your time and knowledge invested in this. Very well done!!!


Overall very well thought out for long term hodling.
Love the bonuses.
Would have liked to the see a solution to tax for wallet to wallet transfers before we start staking. Any news on this as it would be nice to stake 1X.

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Great proposal. Thoughts on what to do with the forfeited tokens? Maybe option 2?


This is something we were going and forth on. It may be good to ask John if those tokens do not have to be purchased in BSL and then sold to Eth or BNB to be held in the SLP. Or if the SLP can hold BSL. If those funds come in RUSD, then theoretically we could just leave them in Stablecoin and not have to buy the BSL that’s forfeited.


I’m more inclined to vote for option #2 which will grow the SLP. Question is, Can it be changed in the future? Like after the SLP has grown enough in 1 or 2 yrs


That’s a great question! I’m not sure if the DAO could revote to change that in the future. Would be a question we would need to ask.

I imagine it can be changed, but would just have to go through the process again. Current stakers would probably finish their term first.

Great write up, seems well thought out. I’m always for growing SLP.


LFG!!! I love BankSocial!


Great proposal, just to clarify the bsl bonuses are paid quarterly, would the amount received in the first period be 40%, the second period 50% and the third period 60%, so the yearly bonuses is 150% of the bal staked?

I’m inclined to vote for options 1 and 2 respectively

Very nice. I do have one concern, when staking/unstaking, are we liable to the transfer tax? That’s going to be a double tax on the transfer in and transfer out of tokens. If this can be eliminated, everything else seems fair, and option 2 for stakers seems promising.

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Definitely something we should clarify for sure. Good question. I think option 1 and 2 works for me.

I do believe that wallets that stake are white listed and therefore no transfer tax is incurred when staking/unstaking.

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Question: can we split our token counts when staking?
Eg. I have 200M tokens and I want to stake 100M for 12months and the other half for a shorter term, would that be possible?

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Wow amazing! Well thought out and can definitely tell the difference that this model benefits the community and not some scamming thing. Love that I can get extra BSL tokens and can continue to build/accelerate my BSL position.

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I really like this proposal. Thank you delegates for your hard work! When it comes to the two options, I have decided I like option two better.

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If you have both BSL/BNB and BSL/ETH - Do you stake each separately or all at once? For staking BSL and bonus BSL - Does the BSL tokens get paid out in both or one?

I would personally prefer a simplified staking format. No bonuses, I myself question the ethics of the DAO imposing requirements for bonuses on Fivancial. If they as a company want to reward stakers that is their business. I also don’t see a reason for having lock up terms. I think rewards should be distributed based on a single formula regardless of length of stake. Staking rewards are plenty of incentive to leave your tokens alone. I am ok with an initial minimum staking time to receive rewards, like 30 days. I would also be ok with simplified lock up term requirements. For instance, rewards can be calculated monthly, if you want rewards you have to be staked for the entire month.

I propose we set up 3 different options (if they technical are feasible to do) and vote on. Whatever wins then goes to on-chain vote.

1.) Proposal as is
2.) Proposal that utilizes a one time stake model with vested and bonus based on how long you stay staked that happens automatically as the months/years pass and you stay staked. Essentially loyalty is awarded.
3.) What Dejacoa proposed .

If there are others then maybe add. But I think we survey the group and what every wins is essentially the temp check and then can move to on-chain.



Amazing proposal and work, thank you BSL team and community