BankSocial Staking

Distributions to stakers from BSL DAO LLC, SLP earnings are as follows:

- 90% to be distributed in Rivia/rUSD. (85% goes to the staker, 5% will be deposited into the SLP to help with growing the pool used for lending or investments). This is beneficial to SLP stability as it keeps a portion of the SLP funds in a stable coin, and therefore doesn’t fluctuate with volatile market conditions like the ETH and BNB in the pool.

- 10% to be distributed in BSL tokens. BankSocial will purchase these tokens on a decentralized exchange (Uniswap or Pancake Swap). Keep in mind that the 4% tokenomics tax will be applied when BankSocial purchases those tokens.

You are able to remove your staked tokens at any time. Your tokens will remain in the staking pool until you choose to unstake. Staking into the pool will give you your percentage of the BSL DAO, LLC SLP earnings relative to the total amount of tokens staked into the pool.

Staking accrues daily. Any earnings through BSL DAO LLC SLP’s lending/investments will be distributed by the 5th of each month to the users who have staked their tokens. The staker’s distributed earnings are calculated on how many days their tokens were staked that previous month. The BSL token distribution portion will be paid out on the same chain (BSC or ETH) the user staked with. The user will pay all gas fees estimated at the time of unstaking and receiving their distributions.

KYC is not required to stake or un-stake your tokens. To receive your distribution you must KYC, however.

Example of the staking distribution based on a $100 distribution:

$85 paid out to user in rUSD
$5 rUSD deposited into the SLP
$10 paid out to user in BSL

*This simple example is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute or reflect actual amounts a person may receive.

BankSocial, a division of Fivancial, makes no representations or promises of a return on investment for anyone staking. Gas/slippage fees will apply.

The model is awesome. The key facts that I believe this is almost a perfect model.
1.) Stakers are rewarded generously in rUSD and BSL and on a monthly basis. Essentially you are getting a paycheck each month. You can come and go as you please no locked in.
2.) The SLP continues to grow both from the 5% put in from staking rewards and from the BSL purchases 4%. The SLP continuing to grow and expanding eventually creates a model that the APR keeps going up as the SLP gets bigger and bigger and more lending or use for the exchange happens. Passive income for life that keeps growing for forever. If we get to the market cap we all believe this project will get to (bi+) image the rewards the SLP could generate in time.
3.) The purchase of BSL provides price increases to BSL through this model. Appreciate not just from people buying but from the staking model itself. Price appreciate guaranteed every month


Looks amazing for a long term project.
Lets get this embryo moving!


For me its perfect. Thanks again yo the team and delegates for your time and knowledge. Great time for us ahead!!!


Yes yes yes! This is a staking proposal I can support!