Bsl token staking dividend payout

I read a proposal from a year ago and that proposal suggested a quarterly dividend payout with a loyalty mechanism where the dao received dividend payouts quarterly and in order to receive dividends from last quarter you must have been staked all through.

While I am for the loyalty mechanism, here’s a better proposal:- we are going into an age of blockchain, truth and speed, instant settlements etc. gone are the days of shareholder dividend yearly and quarterly payouts. Stakeholders should have the ability to stake their bsl tokens and start receiving dividends instantly, could be a 24hr payout or a weekly payout, but absolutely not a 3month payout period, that is absolutely absurd for the new financial system we are heading into.

Now, for the loyalty mechanism, in order to start receiving dividends, there is a waiting period of say 30-90days, after this probation period has elapsed while you tokens are still staked, you become eligible to start receiving dividends, if you ever unstake your tokens within this probation period, your timer resets and you start afresh. This enables ppl to keep their tokens staked in the system otherwise if they unstake, they will have to wait 30-90days to start receiving dividends again.

The payouts are related to real loans to business, comercial activity in the real world (3D), so it needs time to be refunded, I guess minimum one month or one quarter per payout.