Changing Transfer Tax %

Hello all, this proposal discussion is in regard to the transfer tax when sending our BSL to another wallet (hot/cold). Confirmed by Prez, this tax trigger was built into the contract and can be turned on/off as the community wishes. I wanted to gauge the communities thoughts on the matter.

Would you be in favor of turning off the transfer tax when sending your BSL to for example, your cold wallet?

Would you rather it stay on?


So here was what was somewhat discussed in chat some months ago. So the sales tax, transfer tax, and buy tax all have to be the same percent. So when we voted, it tied all 3 to 4 percent. Now our contract is one of the few that can turn tax on and off on any component. So we would be voting to turn off the tax for transfers completely. The only downside the President could see in doing this is this will allow the whales to move their tokens to smaller wallets to be able to sale faster. Probably not a huge issue, but something for us all to be aware of. I agree being taxed again on what you own does not seem fair. So I would be leaning towards turning it off.

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I could see it from that perspective but they still would have a 2 mill restriction in each transaction, so that isn’t going away. There still is something in place. Plus, when volume picks up this won’t really matter. Imo of course. I think turning it off would be huge, allowing you to move your tokens freely.

For me, I bought a cold wallet. Waiting for it to come in. I want to put BSL in it but I really don’t want to take that 4% hit. I’m just trying to keep it in a safer place than my hot wallet. I’m sure others feel the same and some have actually taken the hits. I’m sure they didn’t feel good lol.

I vote we turn it off. :pray:t3: Thank you for your response & feedback!


I also vote to remove it for the same reason as Aibbon. I have a cold wallet and getting hit twice on tax just to keep my BSL safe is a tough pill to swallow, but necessary. Without the tax, I’d be able to move it out of the wallet freely without getting hit by the tax again.

Either way, doesn’t change my view of the coin and our future. Love BSL, love the team!


Maybe we can vote on a possible transaction tax cut off in the near future (say 2 months from now) where transaction taxes would be cut off for a brief period (1 or 2 weeks) to give people a last chance tax free buy, sell, or transfer. Thoughts? Just trying to make discussion.


I agree 100%. I think to alleviate this specific tax is crucial because the majority of us just wants to keep our crypto safe.

Thank you for your thoughts!

I don’t like the sound of that at the moment really. In the future for sure. The principal at hand is as investors not being taxed period, ever to move your BSL to other wallets. We should be able to do this freely back and forth.

I think there should always be a buy/sell tax & that transfer tax shouldn’t be free & limited to something like a 2 week span.

Imo, it should be turned off period. :pray:t3:

Thank you for your response!

I agree 100%! Thank you for your response to the post.

My biggest concern will be the possibility of avoiding the sell tax by eliminating the transfer tax. is it possible to create a white list that allow transfer at zero cost to some addresses?

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I agree that this should be done if it works. The other option is to have a transfer day every once in a while when it is turned off and you can do it for free and then turned back on afterwards

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I agree with removing the transfer tax. Buy/Sell tax makes sense.

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If that was possible I’d go for it. As of now it doesn’t look like that can be done. All we can do as a community is vote to turn it on/off.

Honestly we can even vote to turn it off, then 2 weeks later or sooner vote to turn it back on.

That would kind of match what you are saying.

Yeah I agree. It’s like what I replied to EL. We can vote to turn it off, then a week later we can vote to turn it back on again. Of course we got to consider the whole process in between.

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100% agree with you! Thank you for engaging in the post. The Buy/Sell tax definitely make sense and should stay.

Me paying a tax to send my tokens to a cold wallet for example, seems extreme.

I also feel a transfer tax from wallet to wallet should be 0%. 4% Buy and 4% sell tax to stay the same and still go to SLP.

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Agreed. I believe that should be the case. & hopefully the community can rise together and make that change. Spread the word if you know other investors to chime in! We can move this to temp check after some more feedback.

Lets turn the transfer tax OFF. Been waiting for this for a while to happen so I can transfer my BSL to a cold wallet because I plan on keeping it!! Buy and sell tax, for sure keep that ON.

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It seems like a lot of community members feel the same. I also believe the same! Thank you for posting and spread the info! As a community we can make this change happen.

I’ll be moving this to Temp Check soon. Most likely later today, or if anything tomorrow. Want to give people a bit more time to comment and share their thoughts.

Spread the word and maybe we can make the change we seek.


Go on in & vote when convenient for you. Thank you all.