Delegate Proposal - Brandon M

This proposal is aimed to delegate a community member, Brandon M., as a potential delegate in helping with approving or denying loans.

For those of you who don’t know, Brandon M. or commonly known as @rbmdes in our Telegram chat, has been a long time community member and active feedback giver for the community. Here is some more information on Brandon and his background.

  • An architectural designer (Almost a registered architect in Ohio. Completed all logged working hours for the credential, but have 2 out of 6 exams left)
  • Worked for a couple of architecture firms and transitioned to construction.
  • Been with an international construction company for over 6.5 years.
  • Does residential plans for clients as well as construction administration services for those projects.

I believe his strengths to the team will be his ability to look at costs and plans and determine cost feasibility and if the budget fits the project scope.

If you feel like Brandon M. would make a good delegate, feel free to vote on this proposal!

I’m glad to see the board of delegates having diversified expertise with the aim of having the best possible results


An excellent asset for the board.

I think regardless of the outcome that all of us wish Brandon all the best with the rest of his exams.


I agree, he will add strengths to analyze costs and plans to make sure realistic. Thank you for volunteering Brandon - much appreciated.


Thanks for volunteering Brandon! Would love to have you be one of the five delegates!


I think architectural experience on the delegate board will benefit the SLP holders for sure. Thanks for volunteering Brandon. Voted!


Brandon’s experience and knowledge about homes/structures and costs associated with each item is a great asset to have as a delegate member for reviewing loans. He has my vote.


I’m loving the diversity coming to the table. I think you’d be an asset to the delegate team, you have my vote


Thanks Brandon for doing this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: