Extending additional rights to the elected delegates

This is a discussion I’d like to start concerning granting additional rights to the elected loan delegates.

Loan delegates look at the SLP oriented loan applications, and will be dealing with them based on the criteria that the community voted on.

Since the loan delegates have to pass extensive KYC and AML (which all current delegated have passed without any issues), they could be granted other types of access within the project.

The proposal I put forward is to allow delegates to pass those passed (with at least 50 votes) temperature check proposals to the on-chain vote on Snapshot. I’d like to see it as an opt-in, rather than an opt-out, to keep workloads and stress at a low point. The point of doing this is to ensure that future voting keeps up a healthy pace and to maintain efficiency. [Edit] Some delegates have been granted this right already this morning. Read until the end for clarification.

I’d love to read everybody’s thoughts on the matter, alternative ideas and suggestions to the wordings of the matter.

Since I like polls, I’ll make another one.

Should loan delegates be granted the option to get on-chain access, to start the vote that passed initial temperature check?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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Adam, one of the delegates wrote this in the telegram group.

“In the name of decentralisation, and because John is gonna be very busy in the foreseeable future, he did give us access to the voting portal earlier today.
Nothing major, all we have the rights to do is to follow the process as it is laid out currently.
What this means is that until further automation is made, we (the delegates) can open an on-chain vote for a passed temperature check.”

So, I believe that there’s already community consensus on this topic when I look at the initial reactions and the poll.
This doesn’t take away from the whole discussion of potentially granting those rights.


Arne, very well written and thoughtful proposal. I agree with you. I trust the delegates to have access to moving the vote on chain. Voted yes :white_check_mark:


I agree that there needed to be other individuals to move the passed temp checks to on chain voting. We want an efficient DAO, that goes from one step to the next. Probably not the best idea to have 1 person (CEO AT THAT) be able to do it. Delegates seem like a good option for this, especially since it is just moving it to were the owners can vote with there token power. If a delegate wants this responsibility then I am for it, but agree it shouldn’t be a requirement for them. I bet there will always be a delegate or two willing.


This small extension to the responsibilities of delegates will expedite our voting and loan processes with no risk to BankSocial’s integrity. Well done. What more would the delegates consider taking on?