Loan approval restrictions for delegates w/amended text

Adams original text:

This is a temperature check for the following suggestion:
The delegates can not lend to any companies they or any family members or friends are affiliated with or part owner of, and they cannot lend to themselves or any company, person, or anything or anyone they are affiliated with.

This doesn’t mean they cannot get a loan, but the delegate with the affiliation must refrain from voting, or trying to change the outcome in any way.
The only acceptable behaviour is telling the rest of the delegates that they refrain because of affiliation and then removing themselves from the process completely by not even taking part of the discussion or the voting.


  • Should a conflict of interest develop with a delegate before the loan is approved, it will be disclosed.
  • The delegate will avoid taking on any conflicts of interest while working in their position as a delegate.
  • The delegate must resign immediately if an undisclosed conflict of interest is discovered during their time as a delegate.

Transparency is key. :100:


This is completely reasonable. We must have transparency. I am for removing yourself from voting should any conflict of interest arise and notifying the delegates and core team.