Loan Delegate #5 - Adam Ferenc Szekely

This proposal is aimed to delegate a community member, Adam S., as a potential loan delegate to approve or deny loans that BankSocial gives out. Adam is an active and ongoing contributor to the BankSocial community. Here is some more background into who Adam is;

Senior software engineer, who worked in finance for 3 years, day 1 holder and community member and true believer of what BankSocial is about. Also learned “software design - mathematician” in university, so math is definitely his strong suite.

If you feel as if Adam S. would make for a sufficient loan delegate, feel free to leave a vote on this proposal.

Love what he brings to the table. Very insightful and informative. Very open to opinions and willing to debate. great attitude


Adam is someone who always brings unique perspective and ideas to the community. He seems to be a team player in all our community conversations and debate and I think he would be the perfect fit as our 5th delegate. He’s got my vote.


Thank you for stepping up adam


If you follow telegram chat, you already know who Adam is. If you do not follow telegram, know that Adam has shown to be an excellent communicator, intelligent, and shares many thoughts/ideas while being open to others ideas. I believe he would be a great asset to the delegate team.


Adam has a very detailed oriented and analytic mind, is good with numbers and always ask questions in a logical fashion - he will be an asset for the delegation team. Thanks for volunteering Adam.


100%, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for Adam. He has been vocal, intelligent with his calculations, patient enough to explain, & what I call an OG holder whose been with us for a very long time. You will do well for us my friend!


It’s always lovely to talk to Adam. An asset to the community, wise words and questions in the telegram and I’m assuming a great person to have as our delegate.


Thank you for volunteering. I’m Looking forward to working together.