Loan Delegate - Michael (SeekerofCoin)

This is a nomination for Michael (SeekerofCoin) to take over for Adam Szekely who will be unable to continue after his 1st year. Michael feel free to add whatever you would like. Adam thank you so much for your commitment and passion for the project.

I appreciate the nomination and support.

My name is Michael, most of you recognize me from the chat. I have been with BankSocial from before day one and am honored to be considered for a position that can help the DAO to achieve its goals regarding decisions related to the lending of our liquidity pool.

I have a wide array of background, most of which can be viewed on LinkedIn here:

Additionally I have experience in restaurant and property management.

If elected I will do my best to help make sound financial decisions regarding the SLP to benefit the project.


Michael has been a long-time community member and I have seen him help the community in numerous ways. He has strong integrity, provides good feedback to the team when something is off, is knowledgeable, is always willing to help people, and is level-headed. He would be a great asset to have as a delegate.


Michael has my vote for election to a delegate position. He has selflessly supported our community from its inception and is the ideal candidate. I look forward to his continued support and insight as a delegate. He will bring added value to our DAO.