Possibility for Tax free transfers

Would there be a possibility for users to transfer funds to other addresses without tax?

I understand why there is a transfer tax, but it also limits movements for the ‘normal’ user.

Right now i have $BSL on 3 addresses which i would like to move to 1 address for easier handling. But the transfer tax holds me back from doing so.

I am thinking of the following options:

  • Have some sort of event where the transfer tax get disabled so people can move their $BSL tax free.
  • Enable tax free transfers for a up to a certain amount of $BSL.
  • Enable a limit of tax free transfers per address.
  • Give the user the ability to attach addresses to their KYC’d $BSL account for tax free transfers.

I am not sure in how far this is achievable, so first some feedback of the achievabilities on these options would be great.

Do think this will make the token a bit more attractable for investors.

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If you scroll down in the topic list this was discussed a few months ago. A few people made some points on it but I don’t think it went anywhere. Makes sense to revisit at some point but might be hard to get some traction on this.

Not happening. They want to hold you hostage in fear of the massive selling that would happen. They know it will happen. They don’t have a solid project to stand on so they know this fact. So don’t hold your breathe and just deal with it. Unfortunate truth.

This project just ready to croak. Staking is live yet or no? Thought it was just a push of a button? As was stated many times. That’s one hell of a button. CEX not producing enough? What’s going on with the football teams & the lending? Lol. How many times will this man lead his investors on.

All this talk and “progress” yet no one is buying. This token isn’t attractive to anyone, for a REASON. Pills was ahead of his time. He knew.

This is a sinking ship.

Great feedback. Thanks. :sweat_smile:

They will never turn off the tax. Just being real with you. Only meme projects still do this taxing mechanic. & they know what will happen if they did turn it off.