Surveying investor sentiment and risk appetite

This is an attempt to gage management of Social Lending Pool (SLP) risk and the investor sentiment of the community. I’d also like to take a look with you at different ideas for marketing and advertising.

This post is here to open up a discussion on these subjects, but also anything that may come to mind as you answer the polls, read comments or when you’re done reading the post. Serious discussion or outlines of different viewpoints will propel our project further into the direction we’re all trying to aim for.

Furthermore, the polls are anonymous and you can only see the results after voting. This post is just an exercise and out of my own personal curiosity. There’s no judgement & no right or wrong.

The way I understand it now, the SLP will be used for short-term hard money loans. Those loans will be looked at by our elected delegates and subsequently evaluated based on community-set parameters and market standards. The point is to have a competitive edge, a decent speed of lending and an efficient system to keep clients, investors and delegates happy. The SLP’s fiat value is dependant on the market performance of Ethereum (Eth) and Binance token (BNB). Our BSL token is paired with these two tokens, and exists only those two chains, obviously. BSL isn’t bridged.
[At the time of writing this, the system isn’t publicly up and running. Staking isn’t happening yet.]

In the Telegram group, suggestions have been brought up by several people to diversify the types of loans that the SLP can offer to clients. These loans may have a higher risk of defaulting and a higher return. I think that an example for this type of loan is a car loan. Please comment for other examples.

How do you feel about these hypothetical diversified higher risk SLP loans?
  • positive
  • neutral
  • negative

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The second question is concerning the allocation of the riskier loans within the SLP.

What’s an ideal percentage of riskier loans to allocate to the SLP?
  • 0%
  • 1~10%
  • 11~20%
  • 21~30%
  • 31~40%
  • 41~…%

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I also try to gage your investment sentiment within the project. I made a poll where you can score the project from 0 to 5. If the quotes don’t match your idea exactly just give BankSocial a 0~5 score. I’m also aware of the flaws in my form of questioning :sweat_smile:.

What would you score the project?
  • 0 means you are out, or want to leave as soon as feasible.
  • 1 means you’re wanting to leave short-term (weeks)
  • 2 means you’re awaiting staking and have a short term exit strategy (weeks).
  • 3 means you are planning on staking & staying in the project for the 1~4 staking terms (3~12 months).
  • 4 means you’re in for the long run; you plan on staking long-term (Minimum 1~2 years)
  • 5 means the project is doing better than expected and you’re planning to remain invested despite potential negative market movements and economic trends. (Beyond the 1~2 year commitment)

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Now a set of questions related to marketing and advertising. What should the team do in the upcoming weeks to launch the financial products (like loans, CEX, staking,…), in your opinion? I think it’s an interesting discussion that’s worth doing, since past events haven’t been fruitful. I know there are potential partners who want to work with BankSocial to integrate crypto or Blockchain technology in their own products or services.

The following polls allows for multiple answers.

I’ve been actively promoting BSL and the project on…
  • Twitter.
  • Reddit.
  • Instagram.
  • Facebook.
  • YouTube.
  • TikTok.
  • Telegram groups.
  • …others. (comment)
  • …nothing at all.

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Thank you for participating and for commenting. Any feedback is appreciated!

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Good post to engage investors and gauge the community’s interest. Thanks for putting this up.


Great post an polls. Thanks for taking the time to elaborate it!!


One part of the this that stands out in particular is the marketing aspect. I’ve seen many people ask about marketing, but not so much about what exactly people want to see from a marketing perspective.

I see these conferences John has been doing as some of our best possible marketing. Just because it hasn’t moved the needle, doesn’t mean it isn’t marketing.

In my eyes we stand out amongst a great pile of garbage to be honest. Billboards, influencers, articles, everyone has seen this stuff and it has proven to be played out to the point no one cares anymore.

I see our best marketing play being the delivery of our utility. Get a loan or several loans out, begin staking and prove the model works. Maybe land one or several of these credit union deals… People know we exist, we saw that the first week of launch. Now people want to see delivery. Once we deliver, any “marketing” we do will come that much easier. Just my two cents.

Thank you for this poll. This is a great way to hear the communities perspective and potential ideas for these next months moving forward.


I agreed with Ascnd, we need to give the team time to deliver the ecosystem. Then there will be plenty of time to diversify SLP and market as much as anyone want.


I agree 100%

I’ve worked in advertising sales and the biggest misconception about marketing is that it’s “supposed to move the needle”

It does, but not directly. You build your brand and it’s awareness through marketing. If your products and services survive the clients’ litmus tests, they will practically sell themselves having been forged by fire!

The way John has been presenting us to others is phenomenal. The right builder or credit union can do so much more for us than an influencer or an attempt at sweeping hoards of investors in at once.


Thanks for writing this up Arne, super interesting post, and results (so far)!
I agree with the guys above me, current level of marketing is perfectly fine, when we launch, they’ll come. I think our ath was around 250mc on eth (we weren’t on bsc back then).
In my opinion, our marketing shouldn’t be similar to other crypto prducts. Once we start, we should market our products, not the token. Mentioning the token and the advantages of having and staking it as an additional extra on the website is more than enough.


Thank you for the replies!