Temperature Check - Interest Rate Tiers

Our base rate will be based on the WSJ Prime Rate as shown on the following website. Bonds & Rates

The Market prime rate is always determined at the time loan documents are locked and signed and could change daily. The $BSL loan approval delegation will be required to utilize the WSJ Prime Rate from the link above to derive the base rate.

In addition to the base rate, the $BSL token holders have decided the $BSL Rate Margin on top of prime will be 3.74. WSJ Prime Rate + 3.74 ($BSL rate margin) = base $BSL rate.

In addition to the base $BSL rate, the following criteria will be used to automatically adjust rates based on the loan being applied for.

Length of Loan Rate Increase

  • 6 months - 0%
  • 8 months - .75%
  • 12 months - 1.5%

Credit Score Rate Increase

  • Less than 600 - 1.5%
  • Between 680 and 720 - .75%
  • Greater than 720 - 0%

Experience Rate Discount
For every 2 deals the borrower has completed, up to 10 deals, will be a .1% discount on the total rate. Max discount is .5%

$BSL Token Holder Rate Discount
Discounts are given to $BSL holders who stake their tokens in the SLP for the term of the loan. Each $5,000 worth of $BSL staked at the time of closing gets a .1% reduction in rate with a max of .5% with $25,000 $BSL Staked. When the loan term completes, the borrower can choose to unstake their tokens from the SLP.

The max total combined discount is 1%.

All rates, points, and discounts can be changed at any time by an additional vote.

The equation for determining the entire rate is as follows.

WSJ Prime Rate + $BSL Rate Margin + (Length of Loan Rate Increase + Credit Score Rate Increase) - (Expierence Rate Discount + $BSL Token Holder Rate Discount)

The lowest rate a borrower can qualify for is the following
WSJ Prime Rate (current 3.5%) = 3.5%
$BSL Rate Margin = 3.74%
6 Month Term = 0%
720+ Credit Score = 0%
Expierence Rate Discount = .5%
$BSL Token Holder Rate Discount = .5%
Total Rate = 5.99%

The highest rate a borrower can qualify for is the following
WSJ Prime Rate (current 3.5%) = 3.5%
$BSL Rate Margin = 3.74%
12 Month Term = 1.5%
< 600 Credit Score = 1.5%
Expierence Rate Discount = 0%
$BSL Token Holder Rate Discount = 0%
Total Rate = 9.99%

Very easy to understand. Should be transparent for proposed clients to calculate without any surprises that banks have without set expectations.


I can’t believe the dream is becoming a reality! Looks awesome!


Looks great! Easy to understand and the discounts make a lot of sense to keep customers coming back and also being investors in BSL. Good to scale.


Love how this will incentivize not only investing and being part of this financial game changer, but also continuing to use our services as this loyalty program of ours is generous. With competitive to near best rates already + these discounts on top for both BSL holders & customers? chefs kiss Awesome stuff. This is just the beginning!


This looks like a great start. I love the way it’s set up for owners of BSL to get up to a half point of interest dropped!


I also wonder if there will be other ways to incentive loyalty down the road. Maybe putting them in the higher rewards for debit cards, etc. Minting a preferred lender NFT to them, blockadvocates membership, etc. Giving them discounts on other future services.


Love this, so excited for the future of Banksocial and all the legendary holders.


This looks really good. Very exciting!


Looks great and easy to understand.


Looks awsome!! Very clear and easy to understand for everyone. Good job again team!!!