Temperature check to change the token Tax structure

With everything that has happened over the last few months the trading volume of both $BSL tokens has increased massively.
This has brought a lot of funds for the SLP, which is great.
But the tax on all transactions is rather a lot. And especially the tax for transfers is confusing and unique, which definitely has thrown people off.

Current tax structure is 4% on all transfers. Buy, Sell and Transfer transactions are taxed 4%

Hereby i want to propose the following changes in the tax structure:

Buy tax 4%
Sale tax 4%
Transfer tax 0%

I have chosen to go for this proposal idea because this is in my opinion the best way forward at this stage of the project.
Once more products are in place and the token has matured more i will want to revisit proposal idea 1 with more accurate data to choose the correct numbers.

Thank you for your time,


u are right sir.we always support bsl growing

Transfer tax makes no sense. It will discourage people from adding liquidity. Strongly agree with this proposed change.

Want to be clear - that we have found a way to do this on HTS/ Hedera AND ETH/Ethereum chains.

Also - the tax on transfer will work automatically when sending from the BankSocial wallet to any other wallet automatically and without any special work arounds.

It will also work from outside the BankSocial wallet but will require interacting with a BankSocial hosted wallet connect feature that will require you to connect your wallet and approve the send. This can only work like this because we are having to use a smart contract to accomplish this. There is also a small Hedera network fee that cannot be eliminated.


Awesome - let’s do this.