Vote for Loan Delegate Salvador C. (@Firsthandup)

This Vote is for replacement of loan Delegate Brandon M. (@rbmdes), who will unfortunately no longer be able to serve as a delegate for the BankSocial DAO, by Salvador Carrillo. Thank you for your service and insight Brandon!

Salvador lives in North Texas (2 hours from Dallas) and is established in the oil and gas industry as a field engineer. He now serves as a directional driller for LEAM Drilling Services. By midyear, he’ll be working from home as a field coordinator for LEAM. This new management role will be conducive to LEAM’s growth and commitment to excellence. It will also afford the flexibility to take on more responsibility within BankSocial. He has been a week 1 holder of BSL and fully support the vision and evolving direction of the Company/DAO.

Salvador’s motto: “True value is delivered when a need is met with thoughtful consideration and sincerity.”

Feel free to comment and add anything to your description or answer any questions!

Thanks so much for stepping up Salvador, this is a no brainer yes from me!


I really appreciate the nomination. It is an honor.