Voting for Saucerswap pool V2

Hello Team, I would like to ask, id we can vote to be able create a V2 pool in Saucerswap. Currently to stake BSL in V1 is with aprox 8% apy. This can add benefit to stake as one side only, enable Lari rewards and also Autopool.

To this happen, it must be accepted by SS DAO. Thus I am asking to raise a ticket there.

Thank you very much.

I don’t understand this enough to know if we need to vote on this or if it something someone can just create without needing a vote.

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It was recommended to ask here. I strongly believe, that V2 will bring some new buyers into this community. It is visible how huge difference is between V1 and V2 in staking.

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For those NOT familiar with pools:

Can anyone create a BSL V2 pool on Saucerswap?

Please explain the specific benefits of creating a V2 pool over the current V1 and why do you believe it will attract new buyers to the community?


Important thing is to do a proposal to their DAO (you need to own SS NFTs). When I asked SS owner, he mentioned that project leader (I guess CEO) should contact them directly - to discuss LARI rewards etc.

You cannot create V2 pool with LARI rewards.