Tokenomics change to 2% buy tax (1% get burned and 1% to SLP) and 5% sell tax (1% get burned and 4% to SLP)


Since the utilities of the crypto start and marketing begins in a few weeks, my idea is to change Tokenomics to 2% buy tax and 5% sell tax and no more redistribution.

2% buy tax: 1% get burned and 1% go to SLP.
5% sell tax: 1% get burned and 4% go to SLP.

That means, 2% get burned and 5% go to SLP on buy/sell to have more SLP and to make the value of the BSL stay strong and have more investors.

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We cannot.
There are current tokenomics discussions, and a vote, please read them, there is a lot of information shared.
The short version is: with the current contract we can only have symmetric values and diabled - enabled values.
This means that we can have (buy - sell):
0 - x, where x can be anything from 0.1 to 99.9)
x - 0
x - x, where x is the same value for both

So we can have 0-7, like now. We can have 3.5-3.5, like the current on-chain vote. We cannot have 2-5, or anything similar without another contract migration and all the confusion that entails.

We can turn the redistribution on or off, but again, only if it applies to both buy and sell.
As far as I’m aware, we don’t have a burn functionality in the contract. What we have is redistribution, and we can enable or disable redistribution to the burn wallet (this is how we’ve always burned), the only tokens that get burned are the ones that are rounding errors during a transaction.

Our biggest concern right now is raising the SLP, because that’s the money we’ll use for lending, so the bigger the SLP, the more returns we have when staking. Currently, the SLP is at 500k usd, which, frankly, is nothing. Our only chance of changing this quickly is volume, and riding the wave for every kind of transaction.

All of the above is the reason why we as a community decided to compromise on a 3.5% buy tax, 3.5% sell tax, no redistribution, all to SLP.
Well, I’m talking in past tense, but the on chain vote is actually still ongoing, for a few more days.
Please go and vote here on whatever you believe is right, in light of the above information:


Current discussions, with all the information you’ll need:

And the conclusion, the on chain Bip vote: Snapshot


Thank you Hassan for the proposal. Good ideas, Always put out ways you think we can improve or change our product. Without ideas and discussion the DAO can’t reach it’s full potential. Good explanation Adam on why we arrived at what the community did.